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Offutt Air Force Base in Bellevue, NE

Offutt Air Force Base: A Historical Military Base in Bellevue, NE

Nestled in the heart of Bellevue, Nebraska, Offutt Air Force Base stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication and commitment of the United States military. With its rich history and important role in the defense of our nation, this military base holds significance not only to the brave men and women who serve, but also to the local community and the entire country.

In this article, we will explore the key information about Offutt Air Force Base, delve into its intriguing history, and uncover the profound impact it has had over the years.

Topic 1: Information

  1. Location and Size:

    • Offutt Air Force Base is situated just south of Omaha, Nebraska, in Bellevue.
    • Spanning an impressive 3,151 acres, the base provides ample space for training and operations.
  2. Mission and Units:

    • Offutt Air Force Base serves as the headquarters for the United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM), responsible for nuclear capabilities, space operations, and global strike.
    • The 55th Wing, a diverse unit composed of four groups, provides intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and combat support to ensure global readiness.
    • Additionally, the base is home to the 595th Command and Control Group, responsible for executing cyber missions and safeguarding critical infrastructure.
  3. Notable Facilities:

    • The base boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities to support its critical missions.
    • The Offutt Field House offers a wide range of recreational activities, including swimming pools, fitness centers, and sports fields.
    • The Offutt Education Center offers educational opportunities for military personnel and their families, with various academic programs and resources.
  4. Economic Impact:

    • Offutt Air Force Base plays a significant role in the local economy, contributing millions of dollars annually.
    • It provides a multitude of employment opportunities, both directly and indirectly, impacting the wider community.

Topic 2: History

  1. Early Beginnings:

    • Offutt Air Force Base traces its origins back to 1892 when Fort Crook was established as an Army post.
    • The initial purpose of Fort Crook was to protect settlers and railway lines during the westward expansion.
  2. World War I:

    • During World War I, Fort Crook served as a training center for Army Signal Corps radio operators.
    • The base played a pivotal role in developing communication capabilities crucial to military operations.
  3. Expansion and Renaming:

    • With the increasing relevance of air power, Fort Crook was expanded and renamed Offutt Field in 1924, honoring 1st Lt. Jarvis Offutt, a World War I pilot.
    • It became the primary training facility for Army Air Corps pursuit pilots.
  4. World War II:

    • Offutt Field played a crucial role during World War II, serving as a training base for bomber pilots and ground crew.
    • Following the war, it transformed into a vital headquarters for the Strategic Air Command (SAC), responsible for nuclear deterrence.
  5. Present Day:

    • In 1992, Offutt Air Force Base became the headquarters for USSTRATCOM, consolidating various strategic capabilities.
    • The base continues to play a pivotal role in defense operations, ensuring the safety and security of the United States and its allies.


Offutt Air Force Base stands as a testament to the enduring strength and dedication of the United States military. With its strategic importance, state-of-the-art facilities, and rich history, this military installation represents a vital pillar of national defense.

As we reflect on the significance of Offutt Air Force Base, we recognize the unwavering commitment of the brave men and women who serve, ensuring the safety and security of our great nation.

Topic 3: Mission

Offutt Air Force Base, with its strategic location and advanced capabilities, plays a vital role in safeguarding national security.

Let us delve deeper into the mission of this military base and the units that make it possible.

  1. United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM):

    At the heart of Offutt Air Force Base’s mission is the United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM). Established in 1992, USSTRATCOM’s primary responsibility is to deter strategic attacks against the United States and its allies.

    The command integrates and synchronizes all U.S. military capabilities, from nuclear weapons to cyber and space operations, ensuring readiness and effectiveness in a constantly evolving global security environment.

    1. Nuclear Capabilities:

      One of the central components of USSTRATCOM’s mission is nuclear deterrence. The base houses the command center responsible for the nation’s nuclear forces, playing a critical role in maintaining a credible nuclear deterrent.

      From intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) to strategic bombers, Offutt Air Force Base ensures that the United States retains a robust and effective nuclear capability.

    2. Space Operations:

      As space becomes increasingly vital to military operations, Offutt Air Force Base is at the forefront of space operations. USSTRATCOM oversees the management and coordination of the nation’s military space activities, enabling communications, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities critical to maintaining situational awareness and protecting U.S. interests.

    3. Global Strike:

      The ability to project force globally is a key aspect of USSTRATCOM’s mission.

      Offutt Air Force Base plays a significant role in planning, coordinating, and executing global strike operations. This includes utilizing strategic bombers, cruise missiles, and other assets to ensure the United States has the ability to respond to threats around the world swiftly and decisively.

  2. 55th Wing:

    Working in conjunction with USSTRATCOM, the 55th Wing is a diverse unit composed of four groups: the 55th Operations Group, 55th Maintenance Group, 55th Mission Support Group, and 55th Medical Group.

    Each group plays a crucial role in supporting the base’s mission and ensuring global readiness.

    1. 55th Operations Group:

      The 55th Operations Group encompasses various squadrons responsible for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and combat support. These units conduct worldwide operations, gathering critical information and providing crucial support to U.S. and partner forces.

    2. 55th Maintenance Group:

      The 55th Maintenance Group ensures the reliability and readiness of aircraft, enabling sustained operations.

      From regular inspections to repairs and modifications, skilled maintenance personnel work tirelessly to keep the base’s diverse fleet of aircraft mission-ready.

    3. 55th Mission Support Group:

      The 55th Mission Support Group provides essential support services to the base, ensuring smooth operations and meeting the needs of personnel and their families.

      From security forces to civil engineering and logistics, this group is responsible for a wide range of functions critical to the base’s day-to-day operations.

    4. 55th Medical Group:

      The 55th Medical Group provides comprehensive healthcare services to military personnel and their families at Offutt Air Force Base.

      From primary care to specialized medical services, this group ensures the well-being and readiness of base personnel.

  3. 595th Command and Control Group:

    The 595th Command and Control Group is another vital component of Offutt Air Force Base’s mission. This group focuses on executing cyber operations, safeguarding critical infrastructure, and providing command and control capabilities to effectively respond to emerging threats.

    1. Cyber Missions:

      In an era where cyber threats are prevalent, the 595th Command and Control Group plays a critical role in defending against malicious cyber activities.

      Highly skilled cyber operators work diligently to detect, prevent, and respond to cyber incidents, ensuring the security of vital military networks and systems.

    2. Critical Infrastructure Protection:

      The 595th Command and Control Group is responsible for protecting and securing critical infrastructure, such as power grids and communication networks, from potential attacks.

      Through proactive planning, coordination, and execution, this group helps maintain the resilience of essential facilities and services.

    3. Command and Control:

      To effectively respond to various threats, the 595th Command and Control Group provides command and control capabilities, ensuring effective communication and coordination between different units and agencies.

      Their mission is to maintain situational awareness, facilitate decision-making, and enable timely and effective responses to emerging challenges.

In conclusion, Offutt Air Force Base and its mission go hand in hand to ensure the safety and security of the United States and its allies.

With USSTRATCOM at its core, the base plays a vital role in nuclear deterrence, space operations, and global strike capabilities.

Supported by the 55th Wing and the 595th Command and Control Group, Offutt Air Force Base demonstrates unmatched dedication to excellence, readiness, and defense.

As we reflect on the mission of this military base, we recognize the unwavering commitment and sacrifice of the brave men and women who serve, keeping our nation safe in an ever-changing world.

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