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Fort Drum Army Base in Jefferson, NY

Fort Drum Army Base: A Historical Landmark of Jefferson, NY

Nestled in the rural region of Jefferson County, New York, lies Fort Drum Army Base, one of the nation’s most significant military installations. Spanning over 107,265 acres, this military base is not only a vital training ground for the brave men and women of the United States Army but also an integral part of the local community.

In this article, we will delve into the information and rich history of Fort Drum, shedding light on the diverse aspects that make it an emblematic military base. Topic 1: Information


Location and Size

– Located 30 miles north of Watertown, New York, Fort Drum occupies a vast expanse in both Jefferson and Lewis Counties. – With a land area of over 107,000 acres, it is considered one of the largest Army bases in the United States.

– The base extends across five towns, namely Leray, LeRay, Philadelphia, Antwerp, and Wilna. 2.

Military Division at Fort Drum

– Fort Drum is home to the 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry), an elite fighting force known for its unparalleled abilities in mountainous and cold-weather warfare. – Established in 1985, the division has a long-standing history, initially dating back to World War II when it was activated for combat.

3. Training Facilities

– The base boasts exceptional training facilities that simulate real-life combat situations, making it an ideal location for soldiers to sharpen their skills.

– Military personnel at Fort Drum undergo rigorous training programs, including infantry skills, explosive ordinance disposal, and combat lifesaver training. 4.

Infrastructure and Amenities

– Fort Drum’s infrastructure caters to the needs of military personnel and their families, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment. – The base has modern barracks, family housing units, recreational centers, medical facilities, schools, and shopping complexes, providing comprehensive support to its residents.

Topic 2: History

1. Origins of Fort Drum

– Initially established in 1908 as Pine Camp, the military base aimed to provide a training ground for artillery units during World War I.

– In 1940, Pine Camp expanded significantly and was renamed Camp Drum, in honor of Lieutenant General Hugh A. Drum, a distinguished World War I officer.

– In 1974, the base was again renamed Fort Drum to reflect its growth and transformation into a fully-fledged Army installation. 2.

Influence of World War II

– During World War II, Fort Drum played a crucial role in preparing troops for the conflict. It served as a training center for the renowned 4th and 5th Armored Divisions.

– The base underwent rapid expansion to accommodate the influx of troops, with additional barracks, training areas, and support facilities being constructed. 3.

Post-War Era

– Following the end of World War II, Fort Drum underwent a period of inactivity as the need for troops diminished. – However, during the Korean and Vietnam Wars, Fort Drum experienced renewed importance as a training hub for soldiers, ensuring their readiness for deployment.

4. Modern Era

– With the establishment of the 10th Mountain Division in 1985, Fort Drum regained prominence as a strategic military installation.

– In the late 20th century, the base went through significant advancements, including the construction of modernized facilities and improved training infrastructure. In conclusion, Fort Drum Army Base stands as a symbol of military prowess and historical significance in Jefferson County, New York.

Its rich history, expansive training facilities, and dedication to serving soldiers make it an integral part of the local community. As Fort Drum continues to evolve, it remains a renowned military base and an essential stronghold for the 10th Mountain Division.

Topic 3: Mission

At its core, Fort Drum Army Base is driven by a clear mission: to provide world-class training, readiness, and support to its soldiers while maintaining a strong partnership with the local community. Through a comprehensive range of tasks and responsibilities, the base upholds this mission, ensuring the readiness of the 10th Mountain Division and promoting the welfare of its soldiers and their families.

1. Training and Readiness

Fort Drum takes great pride in its ability to provide exceptional training opportunities to the soldiers stationed within its boundaries.

With its expansive training areas and state-of-the-art facilities, the base offers a realistic and challenging environment for soldiers to hone their skills. a.

Combat Skills

Soldiers at Fort Drum undergo rigorous training exercises that cover a wide range of combat skills. From infantry tactics and marksmanship to urban warfare and convoy operations, soldiers are prepared to face any mission they may encounter.

b. Mountain Warfare

As the home of the 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum specializes in mountain warfare training.

The rugged terrain surrounding the base serves as an ideal setting for soldiers to master skills necessary for combat in mountainous and cold-weather environments. c.

Specialized Training

In addition to general combat skills, Fort Drum also provides specialized training to equip soldiers with specific expertise. This includes training in explosive ordinance disposal, reconnaissance, medical support, and engineering, ensuring a diverse and versatile force.

2. Support for Soldiers and Families

Fort Drum recognizes the importance of supporting its soldiers and their families, both during deployments and in their day-to-day lives.

The base offers a range of services and resources aimed at enhancing the well-being and quality of life for military personnel and their loved ones. a.

Family Housing

Fort Drum provides modern and comfortable housing options for military families, ensuring they have a secure and welcoming environment to call home. Well-maintained neighborhoods, recreation areas, and community centers enable families to establish a strong support network and foster a sense of belonging.

b. Healthcare Facilities

The base boasts comprehensive medical facilities that cater to the healthcare needs of soldiers and their families.

From routine medical care to specialized treatment, the healthcare services at Fort Drum ensure that soldiers remain in optimal physical condition. c.

Education and Childcare

Recognizing the importance of education, Fort Drum offers quality schooling options for military children. Educational facilities on the base accommodate students from kindergarten through high school, ensuring a seamless academic experience.

d. Community Support

Fort Drum actively collaborates with the local community to foster a supportive and mutually beneficial relationship.

The base encourages soldiers and their families to engage in community events, volunteer efforts, and outreach programs, strengthening the bond between the military installation and the local residents. 3.

Partnerships and Allies

Beyond its commitment to its own soldiers, Fort Drum plays a crucial role in strengthening alliances and partnerships both locally and globally. a.

Local Partnerships

The base actively engages with local businesses, educational institutions, and organizations, promoting economic growth and enhancing the overall well-being of the surrounding community. Through initiatives such as job fairs, volunteer programs, and cooperative agreements, Fort Drum solidifies its position as a valued community partner.

b. Global Engagement

As part of the wider United States Army, Fort Drum participates in joint exercises and multinational missions, fostering collaboration and enhancing readiness on a global scale.

This allows for the sharing of expertise, the development of shared strategies, and the strengthening of international relationships. In conclusion, Fort Drum Army Base remains steadfast in its mission to provide world-class training, readiness, and support to its soldiers while promoting unity and collaboration with the local community.

With its focus on training excellence, comprehensive support services, and fostering partnerships, Fort Drum continues to be a vital military installation that proudly serves both its soldiers and the nation.

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