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Fort Dix Army Base in Burlington, NJ

Fort Dix Army Base: A Historical Military Landmark in Burlington, NJNestled in Burlington, New Jersey, lies Fort Dix Army Base, a historic military facility rich in history and significance. Since its establishment in 1917, this military base has become a prominent training center for soldiers and a strategic defense hub.

In this article, we will delve into the information and history surrounding Fort Dix Army Base, shedding light on its importance and impact on the local community as well as the nation. Topic 1: Information


Location and Size:

– Fort Dix Army Base is situated in Burlington County, New Jersey, covering an impressive 42,000 acres. – The base is approximately 16 miles southeast of Trenton, the state capital, and just 1.5 hours away from bustling New York City.

2. Mission and Purpose:

– Fort Dix Army Base serves as a premier joint base, primarily used for Army and Air Force training operations.

– Its mission revolves around training and mobilizing soldiers, providing necessary support, and supplying equipment for domestic and global military missions. – Additionally, the base operates as a support center for reserve components and acts as an entry point for deploying troops.

3. Facilities and Resources:

– The base is home to a range of facilities, including barracks, training areas, firing ranges, classrooms, and administrative offices.

– It also boasts state-of-the-art training amenities, such as mock urban environments and simulation centers, to simulate real-life combat situations. – Fort Dix Army Base provides access to medical services, recreational facilities, commissaries, and other essential amenities for the soldiers and their families stationed there.

4. Units and Operations:

– The 87th Air Base Wing is the host unit at Fort Dix and is responsible for providing necessary support services to both resident and transient units.

– The base also houses the United States Army Reserve Command, 174th Infantry Brigade, and the Air National Guard’s 108th Wing. – Various exercises and training operations take place regularly, including joint and multinational drills, as well as specialized training for combat, transportation, and support units.

Topic 2: History

1. Early Origins:

– Fort Dix Army Base traces its roots to the early 20th century when the U.S. government sought a suitable location for a training facility.

– In 1917, amid World War I, the federal government acquired land in Burlington County and established Camp Dix, named after Major General John Adams Dix, a notable figure in the American Civil War. – The base initially served as a training center for troops preparing to fight in Europe during World War I.

2. World War II and Expansion:

– During World War II, Camp Dix went through significant expansion to accommodate the growing demands of the war effort.

– In 1939, the camp gained the status of a permanent military installation and was renamed Fort Dix. – The base became an important hub for training and deploying soldiers to various theaters of war.

– Notably, the base hosted internment camps for German prisoners of war during the war years. 3.

Post-World War II Era:

– Following World War II, Fort Dix Army Base underwent several evolutions to adapt to changing military needs. – It served as a debarkation point for soldiers returning from overseas, processing and preparing them for reintegration into civilian life.

– During the Korean War and the Vietnam War eras, the base played a vital role in training and preparing soldiers for deployment to these conflict zones. 4.

Transformation and Modernization:

– In recent years, Fort Dix Army Base has undergone a transformation, merging with McGuire Air Force Base and Lakehurst Naval Air Engineering Station, forming Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. – This merging of forces has further strengthened its capabilities and importance as a significant military installation.


Fort Dix Army Base, with its rich history and unwavering mission, stands tall as a vital piece of America’s military landscape. From its humble beginnings in World War I to its modern-day standing as a joint base, it continues to impact the nation’s defense efforts and provide the necessary training and support for our military personnel.

As we appreciate the historical significance and acknowledge its ever-evolving role, let us remember the sacrifices made by the men and women who have proudly served on the grounds of Fort Dix Army Base. Topic 3: Mission

Fort Dix Army Base has a clear and focused mission that drives its operations and ensures its pivotal role in the defense of our nation.

From training and supporting active duty military personnel to providing critical resources for reserve and national guard components, the base plays a vital part in maintaining our military readiness and capabilities. Let’s explore the mission of Fort Dix in detail.

1. Training and Mobilization:

A primary objective of Fort Dix Army Base is to train and mobilize soldiers.

The base conducts a range of diverse training exercises and courses that prepare personnel for a variety of missions. From combat training to specialized skills development, soldiers undergo rigorous and comprehensive training programs to ensure their readiness for any operational environment they may encounter.

The base provides access to state-of-the-art training facilities, including a network of firing ranges, mock urban environments, and simulation centers. These facilities enable soldiers to simulate real-world combat scenarios, enhancing their tactical and operational skills.

By honing their abilities in these realistic settings, soldiers are better prepared for the challenges they may face on the battlefield. Fort Dix also plays a crucial role in mobilizing soldiers for domestic and global military missions.

As an entry point for deploying troops, the base ensures that soldiers receive all necessary preparations, administrative support, and equipment before they embark on their missions. This vital step ensures smooth and efficient deployments, maximizing the effectiveness of our armed forces.

2. Support Center for Reserve Components:

Fort Dix Army Base serves as a support center for reserve components, including the United States Army Reserve Command.

These reserve units play a critical role in our national defense by augmenting the active duty forces during times of heightened military operations or emergencies. The base provides these reserve units with necessary resources, training, and administrative support to ensure their readiness.

By offering access to personnel, equipment, and facilities, Fort Dix enables reserve units to maintain their capabilities and quickly mobilize when called upon. This integrated approach to military operations ensures a seamless transition between active duty and reserve forces, maximizing overall efficiency and effectiveness.

3. Joint Base Operations:

Fort Dix Army Base is part of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, a joint military installation that combines the operations of Fort Dix with McGuire Air Force Base and Lakehurst Naval Air Engineering Station.

This joint base structure allows for increased coordination and collaboration between the different branches of the military, enhancing overall operational capabilities. Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst leverages the unique strengths and expertise of the Army, Air Force, and Navy to support a wide range of missions.

By combining resources and sharing infrastructure, the joint base can provide comprehensive support to military operations, such as airlift capabilities, combat support, humanitarian aid, and disaster response. 4.

Community Engagement:

In addition to its military mission, Fort Dix Army Base actively engages with the local community in Burlington County, New Jersey. The base recognizes the importance of fostering positive relationships with its neighbors and actively seeks opportunities to contribute to the communitys well-being.

Fort Dix organizes various community events, such as open houses, military appreciation days, and educational programs, to strengthen the bond between the military and the local population. These initiatives provide the community with a deeper understanding of the base’s mission and foster a sense of pride and support for the men and women serving on the base.

Furthermore, Fort Dix actively seeks opportunities for collaboration with local organizations and institutions, contributing to the region’s economic development and fostering partnerships in sectors such as education, healthcare, and public safety. By actively engaging with the community, Fort Dix ensures that it remains a valuable asset to both the military and the local population.

As we delve into the mission of Fort Dix Army Base, it becomes evident that the base plays a critical role in ensuring the readiness of our military forces. Its training programs, support for reserve components, joint base operations, and community engagement all contribute to the effective defense of our nation.

Fort Dix Army Base stands as a testament to the dedication and commitment of our armed forces, as they strive to safeguard our freedoms and protect our way of life.

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