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Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore, MD

Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore, MD: Serving the Nation’s Maritime Needs

Nestled on the banks of the Patapsco River in Baltimore, Maryland, the Coast Guard Yard stands as a pinnacle of maritime excellence. As the United States Coast Guard’s sole shipbuilding and repair facility, it plays a vital role in ensuring the readiness of the fleet.

In this article, we will explore the Coast Guard Yard’s rich history, its significant contributions to national security, and its commitment to the maritime community.


  • The Coast Guard Yard is situated on Curtis Bay, near Baltimore, Maryland.
  • It encompasses approximately 113 acres of land and 51 acres of water.


  • The Yard boasts state-of-the-art facilities for shipbuilding, repair, and maintenance.
  • It houses two dry docks capable of accommodating vessels up to 730 feet long.
  • The waterfront is equipped with wharfs, piers, and cranes to support various maritime operations.


  • The Yard is responsible for the construction and repair of Coast Guard cutters, tugboats, barges, and other vessels.
  • Vessels undergoing repair or maintenance receive comprehensive services, including hull repair, machinery overhaul, and electrical system upgrades.
  • The Yard’s skilled workforce also conducts structural fabrication, welding, painting, and machinery alignment.


  • The Yard specializes in 225-foot sea-going buoy tenders, 175-foot coastal buoy tenders, and other medium-sized cutters.
  • It can also handle a wide range of vessels from the Coast Guard’s fleet, including buoy deck barges, navigation vessels, and firefighting equipment.


Establishment (1899-1937):

  • The Coast Guard Yard traces its origins back to 1899 when it was established as a repair facility for revenue cutters.
  • Initially located on Staten Island, New York, it was transferred to its current location in Baltimore in 1931.
  • The Yard officially became a Coast Guard-managed facility in 1937.

World War II and Beyond (1940-1950s):

  • During World War II, the Yard played a pivotal role in supporting the war effort by repairing and constructing naval and Coast Guard vessels.
  • In 1946, it shifted its focus to the repair and maintenance of Coast Guard assets.

Modernization and Expansion (1960s-present):

  • The Yard underwent significant modernization in the 1960s, which included upgrading facilities and implementing advanced shipbuilding and repair techniques.
  • In recent years, the Yard has expanded its capabilities to support homeland security missions, including the conversion of vessels for drug interdiction operations.

Continuous Innovation (Present):

  • The Yard has established partnerships with private industry and educational institutions, fostering innovation in shipbuilding and maintenance.
  • It actively seeks environmentally sustainable practices, such as implementing energy-efficient technologies and recycling programs.


The Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore, MD, stands as a testament to the Coast Guard’s commitment to safeguarding our nation’s maritime interests. Through its history, state-of-the-art facilities, and skilled workforce, the Yard remains a cornerstone in maintaining the Coast Guard’s fleet readiness.

Whether constructing new vessels or undertaking repairs, this facility upholds its duty to provide top-notch maritime solutions. As the nation faces evolving challenges, the Coast Guard Yard continues to adapt and innovate, ensuring its vital role in protecting the seas for generations to come.


Safeguarding the Nation’s Seas: The Coast Guard Yard’s Vital Mission

The Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore, MD, proudly upholds its mission to provide exceptional shipbuilding, repair, and maintenance services to ensure the readiness and effectiveness of the United States Coast Guard. With a focus on reliability, professionalism, and innovation, the Yard plays a crucial role in supporting the Coast Guard’s maritime operations, both domestically and internationally.

Supporting Coast Guard Missions:

  1. Search and Rescue (SAR):

    • The Yard’s primary duty is to ensure the seaworthiness of the Coast Guard’s vessels to effectively respond to search and rescue missions.
    • From medium-sized cutters to buoy tenders and support vessels, the Yard’s skilled workforce ensures that these vital assets are always ready to carry out SAR operations.
  2. Maritime Law Enforcement:

    • In addition to its SAR capabilities, the Yard also supports maritime law enforcement missions by providing maintenance services for patrol boats and law enforcement cutters.
    • By keeping these vessels in optimal condition, the Yard aids the Coast Guard in its efforts to enforce laws, protect the maritime domain, and counter illicit activities such as drug trafficking and illegal fishing.
  3. Homeland Security and Defense:

    • The Yard actively contributes to the Coast Guard’s homeland security and defense missions.
    • Through the design, construction, and repair of specialized vessels, like those used for drug interdiction and port security, the Yard ensures that the Coast Guard remains prepared to respond to a wide range of threats and emergencies.
  4. Environmental Response and Protection:

    • The Yard plays a role in safeguarding the marine environment by providing maintenance and repair services for oil spill response vessels, pollution control equipment, and environmental protection assets.
    • By ensuring the operational readiness of these specialized vessels, the Yard enhances the Coast Guard’s ability to respond swiftly to environmental disasters and mitigate their impacts on coastal areas.

Commitment to Innovation:

  1. Collaborations and Partnerships:

    • The Coast Guard Yard actively seeks collaborations with private industry and educational institutions to promote innovation in shipbuilding and maintenance.
    • By collaborating with experts in the field, the Yard can leverage cutting-edge technologies and techniques to improve its operations and enhance the capabilities of Coast Guard vessels.
  2. Modernization and Sustainability:

    • The Yard continuously invests in modernizing its facilities, tools, and equipment to meet the evolving needs of the Coast Guard and the maritime industry.
    • This commitment to modernization includes the adoption of sustainable practices, such as implementing energy-efficient technologies, reducing waste generation, and implementing comprehensive recycling programs.
  3. Workforce Development:

    • The Yard recognizes the importance of a highly skilled and diverse workforce to meet the challenges of the maritime industry.
    • It provides comprehensive training programs to its employees, ensuring they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to support the Coast Guard’s missions effectively.


The Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore, MD, is not just a shipbuilding and repair facility but a vital component of the United States Coast Guard’s operational readiness.

Through its unwavering commitment to supporting search and rescue, maritime law enforcement, homeland security and defense, and environmental protection missions, the Yard exemplifies the Coast Guard’s dedication to safeguarding the nation’s waters. By embracing innovation, collaboration, and sustainability, the Yard ensures that it remains at the forefront of shipbuilding and maintenance technology.

As the maritime landscape evolves, the Coast Guard Yard continues to adapt, guaranteeing that the Coast Guard has the necessary assets to respond to any challenge it may face in protecting our nation’s maritime interests.

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