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Camp Parks PRFTA Army Base in Dublin, CA

Camp Parks PRFTA Army Base: A Closer Look at Dublin’s Military BaseNestled in the heart of Dublin, California, Camp Parks PRFTA Army Base stands as a symbol of strength and resilience. This military installation, spanning over 5,000 acres, has a rich history, plays a vital role in national defense, and offers a multitude of training programs and facilities.

In this article, we will delve into the information surrounding Camp Parks and explore its fascinating history. Topic 1: Information


– Camp Parks PRFTA Army Base is conveniently situated in Dublin, a city within Alameda County, California.

– It can be found at 7401 Wilkins Dr, Dublin, CA 94568. Size and Facilities:

– Covering more than 5,000 acres, Camp Parks boasts an impressive expanse that provides ample space for training activities.

– The base offers a comprehensive range of facilities, including state-of-the-art shooting ranges, tactical training areas, and secure storage facilities. – It also features a well-equipped physical fitness center to support the physical well-being of soldiers.

Units and Commands:

– Camp Parks is home to numerous units and commands, including the 91st Training Division, 948th Transportation Company, and 405th Army Field Support Brigade. – These units play a crucial role in training soldiers, facilitating transportation logistics, and providing essential support to the military.

Training Programs:

– The base hosts a variety of training programs to enhance soldier’s skills and readiness for combat scenarios. – These programs encompass a broad range of topics, such as weapons training, tactical maneuvers, medical training, and leadership development.

– Camp Parks strives to provide comprehensive and rigorous training to ensure soldiers are prepared for any situation. Topic 2: History


– Camp Parks has a storied history dating back to World War II when it was first established in 1943.

– Originally known as Camp Parks Army Base, it was named in honor of Charles B. Parks, a revered officer who had served during World War I and tragically lost his life in a military plane crash.

– The mission of the base during World War II was to train and prepare troops for deployment to the Pacific Theater. Significant Contributions:

– Throughout its existence, Camp Parks has made notable contributions to the nation’s defense.

– During World War II, the base played a pivotal role in training soldiers in various combat skills and techniques. – With the outbreak of the Korean and Vietnam wars, Camp Parks shifted its focus to training reservists and National Guard units.

Transformation and Expansion:

– In the 1980s, Camp Parks underwent a significant transformation, shifting from primarily a training base to a mobilization and deployment center. – The base expanded its facilities to support the rapid mobilization and staging of troops during times of crisis.

– This transformation solidified Camp Parks’ importance as a critical hub for the nation’s military readiness. Continued Relevance:

– Today, Camp Parks continues to play a vital role in national defense efforts.

– It serves as a training ground for active-duty personnel, reservists, and National Guard units. – Additionally, the base offers support to various federal agencies and law enforcement entities, ensuring a comprehensive and collaborative approach to national security.


In conclusion, Camp Parks PRFTA Army Base stands as a testament to the dedication and commitment of the US military. From its humble origins as a training base during World War II to its current role as a multifaceted military installation, Camp Parks has continuously adapted to meet the ever-changing demands of national defense.

This military base not only trains soldiers but also fosters a sense of unity and preparedness to protect and uphold the values we hold dear. Topic 3: Mission

Camp Parks PRFTA Army Base: Serving the Nation with PurposeAt the heart of Camp Parks PRFTA Army Base lies a profound sense of mission and purpose.

This military installation, nestled in the vibrant city of Dublin, California, plays a crucial role in national defense. In this section, we will delve into the mission of Camp Parks, exploring the key objectives and activities that drive its operations.

Training and Readiness:

One of the primary missions of Camp Parks is to provide comprehensive training to enhance the readiness of soldiers. The base offers a diverse array of training programs designed to equip military personnel with essential skills required to fulfill their duties effectively.

1. Combat Training:

Camp Parks provides combat training in various environments and scenarios.

From urban warfare simulations to open-field maneuvers, soldiers are exposed to realistic and challenging situations that mimic the conditions they may encounter in combat zones. This comprehensive training ensures that soldiers can adapt swiftly and effectively to evolving threats.

2. Specialized Skills:

In addition to combat training, Camp Parks offers a wide range of specialized skills training programs.

These programs focus on specific areas such as medical training, intelligence gathering, signal communications, and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD). By honing these specialized skills, soldiers are better equipped to handle diverse situations and contribute to the overall success of military operations.

3. Leadership Development:

Recognizing the importance of strong leadership in the military, Camp Parks places great emphasis on leadership development programs.

Through these programs, soldiers learn the essential traits and skills necessary to lead effectively in high-pressure environments. By fostering leadership qualities, Camp Parks aims to cultivate a new generation of military leaders capable of making sound decisions and inspiring those under their command.

Infrastructure and Logistics Support:

Another critical aspect of Camp Parks’ mission is its role in providing infrastructure and logistics support to various military operations. The base offers a range of facilities and services that are indispensable for the smooth and efficient functioning of military units.

1. Transportation and Deployment:

Camp Parks boasts a well-developed transportation and deployment infrastructure, facilitating the movement of troops and equipment to and from deployment sites.

With its strategic location and modern facilities, the base plays a crucial role in the rapid mobilization and staging of troops during times of crisis. 2.

Equipment and Supply Maintenance:

To ensure the operational readiness of military units, Camp Parks provides comprehensive equipment and supply maintenance services. These services include repair and maintenance of vehicles, weapons, and other critical equipment, ensuring that soldiers have access to reliable and functioning resources.

3. Secure Storage and Distribution:

Camp Parks features secure storage facilities to house sensitive materials and equipment.

These facilities are designed to safeguard critical assets, such as ammunition and classified documents, ensuring their proper storage and controlled distribution to authorized personnel. Support to Federal Agencies and Law Enforcement:

Camp Parks extends its mission beyond the military sphere, providing support to various federal agencies and law enforcement entities.

This collaborative approach helps foster a comprehensive and unified approach to national security. 1.

Interagency Cooperation:

The base actively collaborates with federal agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and customs and border protection agencies. This partnership ensures effective coordination and information sharing between different entities in the interest of national security.

2. Training and Support to Law Enforcement:

Camp Parks plays a vital role in providing training and support to local law enforcement agencies.

Through joint training exercises and shared resources, the base helps enhance the capabilities and readiness of law enforcement personnel, enabling them to respond effectively to various threats and challenges. 3.

Emergency Management and Disaster Response:

Camp Parks is a key player in emergency management and disaster response efforts. The base’s resources and expertise are utilized during natural disasters, civil disturbances, and other emergency situations.

By leveraging its training facilities and equipment, Camp Parks contributes to the overall readiness and resilience of the community and the nation as a whole. Conclusion:

In conclusion, Camp Parks PRFTA Army Base’s mission revolves around two fundamental objectives training and readiness, and infrastructure and logistics support.

Through comprehensive training programs, the base ensures that soldiers are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to meet the demands of combat. Simultaneously, Camp Parks plays a vital role in providing infrastructure, logistics support, and collaboration with federal agencies and law enforcement entities, ensuring a holistic approach to national security.

With a deep sense of purpose and dedication, Camp Parks stands as a bastion of strength, ready to protect and serve the nation whenever duty calls.

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