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Camp Justice Army Base in Kadhimiya, Iraq

Camp Justice Army Base in Kadhimiya, Iraq

Welcome to Camp Justice Army Base in Kadhimiya, Iraq. In this article, we will delve into the history and key information about this military base.

Whether you are a military enthusiast, a history buff, or simply curious, stay tuned for an informative journey through time and location.

Topic 1: Information


  • Camp Justice is situated in Kadhimiya, a district located on the western bank of the Tigris River in northern Baghdad, Iraq.
  • Its geographical coordinates are approximately 33°20’56″N latitude and 44°22’30″E longitude.


  • Camp Justice Army Base serves as a crucial strategic asset for the United States military, contributing to stability and security in the region.
  • It provides a secure location for military personnel to conduct operations, maintain equipment, and support the overall mission in Iraq.


  • The base spans an expansive area, comprising various facilities and amenities.
  • It houses barracks for thousands of troops, administrative buildings for command and control operations, mess halls, medical facilities, recreational areas, and supply depots.
  • The base also includes a helipad and runway for aviation operations.

Security Measures:

  • Given the nature of its operations, Camp Justice implements stringent security measures.
  • Entry and exit points are heavily guarded, with multiple layers of security checks in place to ensure the safety of personnel and assets.
  • The base operates 24/7, with continuous patrols and surveillance to monitor potential threats.

Topic 2: History


  • Camp Justice Army Base was established in 2003, following the U.S. military intervention in Iraq.
  • It initially served as a temporary base to support combat operations during the Iraq War.
  • Over time, it evolved into a permanent base, serving as an essential hub for military activities in the region.

Role in the Iraq War:

  • During the Iraq War, Camp Justice played a pivotal role.
  • It served as a key logistics and command center, facilitating military operations across Iraq.
  • Troops stationed at the base engaged in combat missions, provided support to coalition forces, and assisted with the establishment of Iraqi security forces.

Transition to Stability Operations:

  • As the security situation gradually improved, Camp Justice adapted its focus from combat operations to stability operations.
  • This transition involved training and mentoring Iraqi security forces, rebuilding infrastructure, and promoting stability and governance in the region.
  • The base became a key hub for reconstruction efforts and facilitating the transition of power to the Iraqi government.

Continued Operations:

  • Despite the formal withdrawal of U.S. combat forces in 2011, Camp Justice Army Base continues to play a vital role in supporting the U.S. military presence in Iraq.
  • It serves as a logistical hub for ongoing missions, houses forward operating bases, and provides a base of operations for training and advising Iraqi forces, ensuring the stability and security of the region.


In summary, Camp Justice Army Base in Kadhimiya, Iraq, has a rich history and serves as a significant military asset in the region. Its strategic location, purpose-built infrastructure, and dedicated personnel contribute to the overall mission in Iraq.

As time progresses, the base continues to adapt to changing operational needs while upholding its commitment to stability and security.

Topic 3: Mission

At Camp Justice Army Base in Kadhimiya, Iraq, the mission is clear – to support and advance the objectives of the United States military presence in the region.

This mission encompasses a range of activities, from combat operations to stabilization efforts and training and advising Iraqi security forces.

Combat Operations:

During the early years of the Iraq War, Camp Justice Army Base played a crucial role in supporting combat operations.

Troops stationed at the base were deployed on numerous missions across Iraq, working alongside coalition forces to neutralize threats and restore stability. The base served as a central hub for coordinating these operations, providing logistics, intelligence, and command and control capabilities.

Logistics and Support:

Another important aspect of Camp Justice’s mission is to provide logistical support to military operations in the region. The base houses extensive supply depots, ensuring a steady flow of resources and equipment to various units operating in Iraq.

From ammunition and fuel to food and spare parts, Camp Justice plays a critical role in sustaining the military forces deployed in the region.

Stabilization Efforts:

As the security situation in Iraq began to improve, the mission at Camp Justice shifted towards stabilization efforts.

This involved working closely with local communities and the Iraqi government to rebuild infrastructure, promote law and order, and provide essential services to the population. Camp Justice became a focal point for these efforts, serving as a base of operations for civil affairs personnel, engineers, and reconstruction teams.

Training and Advising:

A key component of the mission at Camp Justice is training and advising Iraqi security forces. The base hosts training facilities and resources, enabling U.S. military personnel to share their expertise and knowledge with their Iraqi counterparts.

This training covers a wide range of areas, including tactics, techniques, and procedures, as well as equipment handling and maintenance. Through these efforts, Camp Justice aims to enhance the capabilities of Iraqi security forces, enabling them to take the lead in ensuring the stability and security of their country.

Integrated Operations:

Camp Justice Army Base is not operating in isolation. It works closely with other military installations and units in Iraq, as well as international partners, to achieve shared objectives.

Information sharing, coordination, and integration of efforts are key priorities to ensure the mission’s success. This collaborative approach allows for a more comprehensive and effective response to the challenges faced in the region.

Adapting to Changing Needs:

As the situation on the ground continues to evolve, the mission at Camp Justice remains flexible and adaptable. The base constantly reassesses its strategies and priorities to align with the ever-changing dynamics of the region.

This agility allows Camp Justice to address emerging threats, shifting priorities, and evolving requirements in an efficient and effective manner.


Camp Justice Army Base in Kadhimiya, Iraq, is committed to its mission of supporting and advancing the objectives of the United States military in the region.

Whether through combat operations, logistical support, stabilization efforts, or training and advising, the base plays a crucial role in ensuring stability and security in Iraq. With its dedicated personnel and state-of-the-art facilities, Camp Justice remains a key asset in the ongoing efforts to build a secure and prosperous Iraq.

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