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Camp Dodge Army Base in Johnston, IA

Camp Dodge Army Base in Johnston, Iowa: A Historical Landmark When it comes to military bases, Camp Dodge Army Base in Johnston, Iowa, holds a significant place in both history and contemporary military operations. This article aims to shed light on the information and rich history of this formidable military installation, ensuring readers gain a comprehensive understanding of its significance.

Topic 1: Information


Camp Dodge Army Base is an active military training facility located in Johnston, Iowa, covering approximately 19,000 acres of land. It serves as the command center for the Iowa National Guard and hosts various training exercises for military personnel from Iowa and neighboring states.


  • Headquarters:

    At the heart of Camp Dodge Army Base lies the headquarters building, which serves as the primary administrative and command center for all military operations.

  • Training Facilities:

    The base boasts state-of-the-art training facilities, including shooting ranges, obstacle courses, and simulated urban environments, enabling soldiers to hone their combat skills.

  • Barracks:

    Providing accommodation for military personnel, the base features numerous barracks equipped with modern amenities to ensure the comfort and well-being of soldiers during their training.

  • Medical Facilities:

    Camp Dodge Army Base houses a fully functional medical facility, equipped to handle routine medical needs and emergencies that may arise during training exercises.

Training Programs:

  1. Basic Training:

    Camp Dodge Army Base conducts basic training for new recruits, designed to instill discipline, physical fitness, and essential military skills required for their service.

  2. Specialized Training:

    The base offers a wide array of specialized training programs, such as infantry tactics, communications, engineering, and logistics, catering to the diverse needs of the modern military.

  3. Leadership Development:

    Camp Dodge Army Base focuses on developing leadership skills through programs like Officer Candidate School (OCS) and Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Academy, ensuring the effective management of troops.

Topic 2: History


Camp Dodge Army Base was established in 1907 as a response to the need for a centralized training facility for the National Guard units of Iowa. The original land, comprising only 250 acres, served as a training ground for the National Guard during summer maneuvers.

World War I:

During World War I, Camp Dodge Army Base played a vital role in the preparation and training of soldiers, becoming a bustling training hub for thousands of troops. As the war progressed, the base expanded, accommodating over 45,000 soldiers at its peak.

World War II:

In World War II, Camp Dodge Army Base experienced another surge in activity as it transformed into a training center for the Army’s 5th Service Command. It provided basic training, advanced individual training, and officer candidate schools, preparing troops to join the war effort.

Cold War Era:

Throughout the Cold War era, Camp Dodge Army Base remained an active training facility, adapting to the changing geopolitical landscape. It played a crucial role in training troops for potential conflicts and was a central hub for the Iowa National Guard.

Modern Era:

In the modern era, Camp Dodge Army Base continues to serve as a vital training facility, not only for Iowa but also for surrounding states. It has adapted to the evolving needs of the military, equipping soldiers with the skills necessary to face contemporary threats.

Influence on Johnston, IA:

Camp Dodge Army Base has marked its presence in Johnston, Iowa, contributing significantly to the local economy and fostering a strong relationship between the military and the community. The base actively engages in community outreach programs, such as disaster response training and local events, strengthening mutual understanding and support.


Camp Dodge Army Base stands as a powerful symbol of military training and readiness in Johnston, Iowa. Its rich history, diverse training programs, and significant contributions to the community make it an integral part of both the state’s heritage and the nation’s defense.

As we look ahead, this invaluable military installation will undoubtedly continue to play a crucial role in shaping the military readiness and capabilities of our armed forces.

Topic 3: Mission

At the heart of Camp Dodge Army Base lies a clear and noble mission: to provide comprehensive and effective training to military personnel, ensuring their readiness for current and future missions.


Camp Dodge Army Base is committed to ensuring the readiness of its soldiers. Through rigorous and realistic training exercises, it prepares military personnel to face the challenges of modern warfare. These exercises simulate real-life scenarios, allowing soldiers to develop and refine their tactical and strategic skills.

The base takes advantage of its expansive training grounds, encompassing diverse terrain, to create an immersive and dynamic training environment.

Transformative Training:

Camp Dodge Army Base recognizes the importance of adaptability in today’s ever-changing battlefield. Its training programs are designed to incorporate emerging technologies, tactics, and strategies. Soldiers receive hands-on experience with cutting-edge equipment, allowing them to gain proficiency in the latest military tools and techniques.

From advanced weaponry to sophisticated communication systems, Camp Dodge ensures that troops are equipped to face the complexities of modern warfare.

Collaborative Partnerships:

Camp Dodge Army Base understands the significance of collaboration and partnerships to achieve its mission. The base actively works with various military branches, law enforcement agencies, and international partners to foster joint training exercises and share best practices. Collaborative efforts enable soldiers to learn from one another, building cohesive and effective teams capable of tackling diverse operational challenges.

Supporting Homeland Defense:

As a training facility, Camp Dodge Army Base plays a critical role in supporting homeland defense capabilities. It equips soldiers with the necessary skills to respond effectively to any domestic threats or emergencies.

From disaster response training to civil support operations, the base ensures that soldiers are prepared to safeguard and protect their communities when called upon.

Cybersecurity Training:

In an age where cybersecurity has become a vital aspect of national defense, Camp Dodge Army Base has recognized the need to train soldiers in this ever-growing domain. The base incorporates cybersecurity training into its curriculum, imparting skills to identify and defend against cyber threats. This training is crucial in safeguarding military operations, as well as critical infrastructure and national security interests.

Leadership Development:

Camp Dodge Army Base places great emphasis on developing effective leaders within its ranks. Leadership training programs, such as Officer Candidate School (OCS) and Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Academy, nurture individuals who can lead with integrity, inspire their subordinates, and make strategic decisions.

By honing leadership skills, Camp Dodge ensures the future success and readiness of the military.

Community Engagement:

Camp Dodge Army Base recognizes that its mission extends beyond the confines of its training grounds. It actively engages with the community, forging strong bonds and creating a sense of trust and mutual support. The base collaborates with local organizations, schools, and community groups, finding opportunities to give back and contribute to the well-being of the community.

Through initiatives like disaster response training and volunteering in community events, Camp Dodge showcases its commitment to serving not only the military but also the greater Johnston, Iowa area.


Camp Dodge Army Base is more than just a military training facility. Its mission is grounded in providing comprehensive training that prepares soldiers for the diverse challenges they may face.

From fostering readiness and adaptability to promoting collaboration and leadership, Camp Dodge equips military personnel with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary for success on the battlefield and beyond.

Through its commitment to community engagement, the base establishes itself as an integral part of Johnston, Iowa, and exemplifies the deep connection between the military and the local community. Camp Dodge Army Base remains steadfast in its mission, ensuring that its soldiers are prepared to defend our nation and safeguard our way of life.

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